Riddles (I)

1. What is smaller than an insect's mouth?

2. What season is the most dangerous one?

3. What's too much for me, just right for two, but nothing at all for three?

4. On what day of a year do soldiers start wars in history?

5. How many feet are in a yard?

6. What person tries to make others smile most of the time?

7. From what number can one take half and leave nothing?

8. What has hands but no feet, a face but no eyes, tells but does not talk?

9. How many months have 28 days?

10. Which horses have six legs?

           Keys (I)

1. Anything it eats.

2. Autumn.  Because it is also FALL.

3. A secret.

4. March fourth. When a war breaks out, they'll have to march forth.

5. It depends on how many people are standing in it.

6. A photographer.

7. The number 8.  

8. Take away the upper half and 0 is left.

8. A clock.

9. All of them. Each month has its 28th day.

10. All horses have forelegs (four legs) in front and two in back,  so they all have six legs.

           Riddles (II)

11. Why don't babies need glasses?

12. What do you drop when you need it and take back when you don't?

13. What's the difference between a monkey and a flea(跳蚤)?

14. What is black when it is clean and white when it is dirty?

15. What 5-letter word has six left when you take 2 letters away?

16. What is the center of gravity?

17. What never asks questions but always gets answers?

18. When Columbus discovered America, where did he stand?

19. What is "four feet on four feet waiting for four feet?

20. When the boy fell into the water, what's the first thing he did?

           Keys (II)

11. Because they like bottles better.

12. An anchor. (锚)

13. A monkey can have fleas, but a flea can't have monkeys.

14. A blackboard.

15. Sixty.

16. The letter V.

17. A doorbell.

18. On his feet.

19. A cat on a chair waiting for a mouse.

20. He got wet first.

           Riddles (III)

21. Who isn't your sister and isn't your brother, but is still a child of your mother and father?

22. What has teeth but can't eat?

23. What kind of man can raise things without lifting them?

24. Which candle burns longer: a black one or a white one?

25. Why does a cook wear a high, white hat?

26. Can you name five days of the week without saying: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday?

27. What kind of dog never can bite and bark?

28. What has a soft bed but never sleeps, a big mouth but never speaks?

29. Four girls have a basket with four apples in it. How can you divide the apples so that each girl gets a whole apple and one still remains in the basket?

30. Which eight-letter word has one letter in it?

           Keys (III)

21. You yourself are.

22. A comb.

23. A farmer. He can raise pigs, chickens and so on without lifting them.

24. Neither. Because all candles burn shorter.

25. To cover his head.

26. The day before yesterday, yesterday, today, tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow.

27. A hot dog.

28. A river.

29. Give three girls an apple each, and give the fourth girl her apple in the basket.

30. Envelope.

           Riddles (IV)

31. Three men were under one umbrella, but none of them got wet. How do they do it?

32. Where does afternoon always come before morning?

33. How much earth can you take from a hole 2 feet long, 2 feet wide and 2 feet deep?

34. What rises in the morning and waves all day?

35. What is pronounced like one letter, written with three letters, and belongs to all animals?

36. Why can you tell clocks are shy?

37. What is easy to get into but hard to get out of?

38. What cannot be seen but only heard, and will not speak unless spoken to?

39. What word can you make shorter by adding two letters to it?

40. What part of a clock is always old?

           Keys (IV)

31. It was not raining.

32. In a dictionary.

33. None. Because it has been taken out already.

34. A flag.

35. Eye.

36. Because they always have their hands in front of their faces.

37. Trouble.

38. An echo. (回声)

39. Short.

40. The second hand.

           Riddles (V)

41. What person does every man take his hat off to?

42. What can you swallow than can also swallow you?

43. Which three letters can frighten a thief away?

44. What appears once in every minute, twice in every moment, but not once in thousand years?

45. What would you say if you saw a ghost(鬼)?

46. Which is the left side of a cake?

47. A police saw a truck driver going the wrong down a one - way street, but paid no attention to him. Why?

48. Where should the milk be best stored ?

49. What is the hardest thing about learning to ride a bicycle?

50. What always has one eye open but can't see?

           Keys (V)

41. A barber.

42. Water.

43. I C U

44. The letter M.

45. I would say nothing and run as fast as possible.

46. The side that isn't eaten.

47. The truck driver was walking there.

48. In a cow.

49. The ground.

50. A needle.


           Riddles ( VI )

51. What goes all over the house, but touches nothing?

52. What belongs only to you and yet is used more by others than by yourself?

53. Which letter of the alphabet separates Europe from Africa?

54. Why is a river rich?

55. I have cities but no houses, forests but no trees; rivers but without water;what am I?

56. A man jumped from a plane, but there was nothing  wrong  with him. Do you know why?

57. In a train, a woman saw other peoples' faces were dirty.  What would she do, do you know?

58. Why did John say he didn't know where the sun was?

59. Where does a person stay for the longest time in his life?

60. Why does Tom's mother go to work by plane every day?

           Keys ( VI )

51. A sound or voice.

52. My name.

53. The letter "C".

54. Because it has two banks.

55. A map.

56. Because the plane is on the ground.

57. She would close her eyes, of course.

58. Because it was at night.

59. In bed.

60. Because she works in a plane.

           Riddles ( VII )

61. What man can not live inside a house?

62. What match can't be put in a match box?

63. What is it, which will tomorrow and was be yesterday?

64. What has many teeth but never uses them for eating?

65. The more you take away, the bigger I become. What am I?

66. What is that which has no leg but a body and a long neck?

67. What part of London is in Brazil?

68. What is that you ought to keep after you give it to somebody else?

69. When is it correct to say "I is"?

70. What is that which has a mouth, but never speaks, and a bed, but never sleeps in it?

           Keys ( VII )

61. A snowman.

62. Football match, basketball match, and so on.

63. Today.

64. A comb.

65. A hole.

66. A bottle.

67. The letter "L".

68. A promise.

69. When we say "I is a pron. "

70. A river.

           Riddles ( VIII )

71. What two things can't you have for breakfast?

72. What do most gardeners not like to grow?

73. If a band plays in a thunderstorm, who is most likely to get hit by lightening?

74. If you were to throw a white stone into the Red Sea, what would it become?

75. How many sweets can you put into an empty bag?

76. How can you leave the room with two legs and return with six legs?

77. How could you fall off a twenty-foot ladder and not get hurt?

78. I unwrapped a lump of sugar and put it in my coffee.  The sugar didn't get wet. Why?

79. If it takes three and a half minutes to boil one egg, how long does it take to boil four eggs?

80. If three birds are sitting on a fence and you shoot and kill one of them, how many will be left?

           Keys ( VIII )

71. Lunch and supper.

72. They don't like to grow their age.

73. Conductors are.

74. It remains a white stone.

75. One sweet. Because a second sweet can't be put into an empty pocket.

76. Fetch a chair somewhere, and you'll understand it.

77. The ladder might be lying on the ground instead of against a wall.

78. You have not had water yet.

79. Three and a half minutes.

80. One - the dead one.

           Riddles ( IX )

81. When is your uncle's sister not your aunt?

82. Mrs. Smith has nine children, half of them are girls.  How can this be true?

83. Where can you never tell the truth?

84. What goes over the fields all day, and sits in the cupboard all night?

85. What walks around all day and lies under the bed at night with its tongue hanging out?

86. How many cheese sandwiches can you eat on an empty stomach?

87. When will a net hold water?

88. Why is a room full of married couples empty?

89. What table has no leg?

90. What tables grow in the fields?

           Keys ( IX )

81. When she is my mother.

82. The others are also girls.

83. When you are lying anywhere.

84. Our clothes.

85. Our shoes.

86. Only one.

87. When the water is frozen.

88. Because there is not a single man in the room.

89.  A timetable or vegetable.

90. Vegetables.

           Riddles ( X )

91. Which American man has had the largest family?

92. A hungry donkey was tied to a rope eight feet long.  About thirty feet away there was a basket of fresh carrots.  The donkey wanted to eat those carrots. How did he reach them?

93. What can you hold in your left hand, but not in your right hand?

94. I have seven letters.

   The first two stand for a boy.

   The first three stand for  a girl.

   The first four stand for a brave boy.

95. Why does a man's hair become grey before his moustaches?

96. Why are people close to their mothers instead of their fathers?

97. Where can you easily put your right hand, but can never put your left hand?

98. What question can never get answer "YES. "?

99. What is the beginning of everything, also the end of life?

100. Mary had a big dog, and I had a smaller one. One day, the  two dogs raced to see which ran faster. The dogs were soon tired out.  Finally, my dog won the 10-mile race.  Now which dog had more sweat on its body?

           Keys ( X )

91. George Washington. He was Father of America.

92. The donkey can eat those carrots easily.  Because the other end of the rope was not tied to anything.

93. You can hold your right hand in your left hand, but you can not hold your right hand in your right hand.


95. Because a man's moustaches come up after his hair.

96. Because their father is always farther (father).

97. You can easily put your right hand on your left elbow, but you never put your left hand there.

98. Are you asleep?

99. The letter "E".

100. Neither dog had sweat on its body.  Dogs never sweat.